Common Storage Mistakes to Avoid,

by netgain
22 January 2018

Avoid these 5 common storage mistakes


To Store or Not to Store: That is the Question,

by netgain
18 December 2017

If you’ve done it before, you probably already know how convenient it is to turn to professional storage services for a secure storage space you can keep those “extra” but not-ready-to-part-with belongings tucked away.


Whether it’s because we are lacking enough space in the garage or attic, or we are in the midst of planning a big move in Paterson, there are still some essential things to think about as you determine what belongings to store away in your self-storage unit and which to keep.

For starters, prior to filling and organizing your storage unit, we suggest that you complete an audit of your personal belongings to decide what makes sense to store away in your unit. This will save you time and annoyance and will help to keep your storage unit organized accordingly.

Important Factors to Consider:

What if I need to retrieve an item in a time crunch?

If you think you might need to get your hands on something within a rather short time frame, storing those belongings away in storage might contribute to unwanted complications and stress, unless you arrange your storage unit so that those timely belongings are in plain visible sight. Regardless, do you want to be rushing to your storage unit if something is needed immediately? This may not seem like a hassle to you, but it’s something you should mull over for the sake of your sanity.

Is climate control necessary for the protection of my belongings?

In the majority of cases, climate-controlled storage units are offered as an option; however, some drive-up storage units can quickly be affected by severe hot and cold temperatures and as a result, it’s in your best interest to consider what items you plan to store, and whether or not they need to be exposed to specific temperatures to keep them intact. If you have temperature-sensitive items, you’ll want to choose a climate control storage unit for the best protection.  Extra care should be taken for items like vinyl records, pictures, books. and papers. Remember that humidity levels should also be considered, as this can affect the well-being of your items. All-Stor supplies dry and warm storage at the same cost as cold storage. We’ll make sure your belongings are stored at a temperature that keeps them in perfect condition, so you can rest assured that your items will leave the same way they arrived when you’re ready to remove them from storage.

Does this item fall under trash or treasure?

Even though the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” often carries weight, it’s also accurate to believe that many of us will store items we’ll never use again because we’re not ready to get rid of them or can’t decide whether they are worth keeping. While this isn’t necessarily a negative thing, to save you money and space in your storage unit for belongings that will truly benefit from storage, you should carefully decide what you wish to keep. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time for a thoughtful assessment of your possessions. At the of the day, you’ll get more value out of your storage unit.

As you contemplate these thoughts, don’t forget to consider All-Stor Self Storage in Paterson for your self-storage needs.  For more additional details pertaining to our services, please feel free to reach out to our team in Paterson, at 973-345-0080.



Considering Retiring Soon? You May Benefit from Self Storage Services,

by netgain
30 November 2017

If you have plans in the near future to retire, you may be experiencing an array of emotions and deliberations. After all, this is a life-changing decision so it’s no surprise that you may be feeling excitement, anxiety, fear, or even bewilderment.

How are you going to spend your newfound time? Are you thinking of remaining in your current home, or are you considering downsizing to a more suitable place of residency? Retirement while very fulfilling, comes with changes to think about as well.

Often following retirement, one will make plans to fulfill their travel dreams; whether this entails a week away with family or the winter season somewhere south to beat the cold.  If you are hoping to do some traveling long-term or short-term, you may want to look into storage options. A self-storage facility can provide you with convenient storage solutions for the protection of your sentimental, personal belongings while you’re enjoying your time away. Likewise, if you hope to downsize your living arrangements, a storage unit offers you the perfect space to keep old furniture, clothing and other keepsakes in a dry, secure space until you’re ready to retrieve them again.  When retirement comes knocking on the door, without substantial savings, a good pension or both, you’ll probably have some financial considerations to sort through; the most common being downsizing your property. It’s the perfect answer for additional financial freedom and easier property management.

As we age, keeping up eith house chores and day-to-day maintenance such as vacuuming, mopping, and gardening can become difficult and quite challenging on our bodies. With that in mind, downsizing after retirement usually makes sense for most individuals. Of course, your cherished possessions still need a home and they may not fit so easily in your new bungalow. Why not move the belongings you don’t need temporarily to save on space?

All-Stor Self Storage in Paterson provides an excellent storage solution for your family. No need to stress about where you’ll find the space in your new home for all of your beloved items. Downsize right away if you wish and enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are secured in a secure and climate controlled storage facility; safe from theft and potential for damage. Store your belongings for as long as you wish; we don’t tie you down to any long-term contracts but rather partner with you to decide what’s appropriate for your needs.

We realize that leaving a home after several years can be a tough process altogether; you’ve made memories and collected keepsakes that mean the world to you. We are proud to sustain these cherished belongings for you, looking after them until you are comfortable and situated in your new living area. This is ideal as rather than making quick decisions under pressure that you may or may not wish you had, you can take your time to decide what household items you wish to keep and have space for. Our self-storage options provide a great deal of flexibility especially in relation to changing your terms if needed; if you’re interested in upgrading or downgrading your storage unit, you can request this change without any financial penalties. We are the perfect professionals to partner with during your relocation and want to make this transition simple and stress-free for you!

With retirement in mind, don’t overlook how valuable All-Stor Self Storage in Paterson can be throughout your moving or traveling journey. Our storage units provide you with the ability to make the changes you need or want to make for your new home. All-Stor Self Storage offers Paterson storage units that are climate controlled to ensure your items remain in the good condition they arrive in. If you’d like to tour our facility, we are more than happy to guide you through our building. We are confident in our storage solutions and guarantee you’ll receive the highest level of security possible.

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Get the Most Out of Your Self-Storage Unit,

by netgain
27 October 2017

In several circumstances, self-storage facilities will obtain certain details from you through a quick questionnaire to assist in determining the type and size of a storage unit that would be most favorable for your needs. This professional advice will save you stress and money down the road because you’ll only be paying for the amount of space you specifically require. With that said, before moving your belongings into a storage unit, we highly recommend that you take adequate steps towards keeping your belongings accessible and organized. Storage units supply customers with significant flexibility and peace of mind, but if items are carelessly placed inside the unit wherever one wishes, it’s quite likely that you’ll run into trouble when you attempt to locate that special item you need. So what can you do to maximize your storage unit?

storage unit full

Quick Tips for Success:

Organize Belongings for Quick and Easy Access
If you’re going to soon be filling up your self-storage unit, it’s only logical to consider exactly what belongings you will be storing, and if there are any specific items you might need in the near future.

When the time comes to retrieve these items, exactly how will you go about it? Will you store boxes in relation to future need? It may come as no surprise, but it’s in your best interest to keep items that you predict you’ll want, at the front of the storage unit so you don’t have to spend unnecessary hours reorganizing and shifting things just to reach for that one box you’re itching for. For your sanity, we highly encourage you to also keep a bit of a walking path in the center of the self-storage unit so you can maneuver accordingly.

Stack Upwards
Most self-storage units have limited floor space, but vertical space provides a little extra flexibility for you when you stack boxes in an upwards position; especially when it comes to furniture. Long and bulky items can be stored standing on their sides so they take up less space, while chairs should be stacked one on top of another if able. Always take extra precaution when stacking the heavier items at the bottom and lighter things on top; nobody wants to face a tower of stored belongings come crashing down! It’s also a good idea to check that your boxes are stable by filling them up to capacity so that they remain sturdy. This guarantees items stay protected from harm if and when there is an incident.

Fill up Any Empty Crevices
Ideally, after you’ve stored the majority of your items away, you’ll still have space left to easily maneuver through your storage unit. If space has been consumed to the max, on the other hand, be sure to look for any small holes throughout the unit you can take advantage of. Items such as bed sheets, towels, and pillows can store in quality garbage bags so that they stay unharmed and can be easily stuffed into tiny, empty spaces.

Remember to use space available underneath and behind couches, bed frames and cabinets – these are the best spots for long and thin items such as brooms and other long-handled items. Another handy place to maximize space is in the empty spaces inside your drawers and cupboards. Refrigerators and washing machines also supply additional opportunity for storage. As you can see, there is room for creativity when it comes to newfound space in your storage unit.

It’s best to take the time to look through your belongings and create an inventory if you’re not quite sure of the space required. As noted, most self-storage businesses like All-Stor Self-Storage are more than pleased to assist you in working out the amount of belongings you have, providing you with options that meet your specific budget and needs! With even a little pre-planning, you can maximize your self-storage unit, ensuring you’re getting the value and space necessary!

If you’re in need of quality and reliable self-storage services in the Paterson area, please get in touch with All-Stor Self-Storage.  We provide clients with both indoor and outdoor storage options, plus climate controlled storage as an additional option to keep your precious belongings safe from harsh temperatures and potential damage.

If you’d like to learn more about our facility and/or storage solutions, you can reach our team at 973-345-0080!


Be Sure Your Storage Unit is Safe and Secure,

by netgain
31 August 2017

When you choose to use off-site self-storage, one of the biggest advantages is that your items are essentially “out of side, out of mind”. With that said, this benefit could also be a downfall if you haven’t prepared your storage unit properly. To ease your mind and ensure your belongings are protected in storage, it’s important that you store belongings in a safe manner that guarantees optimal security. So how do you go about getting the most out of your self-storage experience anyways?

All-Stor Self-Storage has some valuable recommendations on how to decide what facility is reliable and professional, as well as how to properly protect the contents of your storage unit.

First and Foremost… Partner with a Reputable and Secure Self-Storage Facility

Do your research and select a reputable and experienced storage provider, prior to making any agreements with them. Visit their website, request information regarding their security measures (if it’s not mentioned on the website) and feel free to request a tour of the facility for your own peace of mind. Here are a few aspects to consider and look for:

  • A clean, organized and well-maintained facility
  • Gated and security code access to facility
  • 24-hour security and management
  • Entire property is well-lit
  • Video surveillance is present on the property
  • Individual storage units have their own alarm system

Secondly…  Take Precautions While Organizing Your Unit to Reduce Damage

  • It’s best to place a skid or pallet on the ground of your unit so items aren’t resting directly on the floor
  • Protect your belongings with cloth covers or wrap them in quality plastic to keep them safe from dust and bugs
  • Valuable items should be placed at the back of your unit so they aren’t visible to would-be thieves.
  • Choose boxes that can be stacked easily and are relatively the same size
  • Refrain from leaving too much space in your boxes – pack them until they’re entirely full and won’t cave in when stacked.
  • Never stack boxes too high – if they reach the ceiling they will be difficult to access and more likely to fall, leaving your belongings damaged.
  • Place shelving units in your storage so you can quickly and easily organize all
  • Stay away from loading too many boxes on top of furniture.
  • Visit your unit on a regular basis to check that your items are still in good shape.

Last but not Least… Purchase a Quality Lock for Your Storage Unit

For the greatest level of security, it’s highly encouraged that customers purchase a quality lock that maintains security and peace of mind. Consider purchasing a disc-lock for your storage unit because they cannot be cut off and therefore provide better security than other locks.

All-Stor Self-Storage will help you choose the best storage unit for your needs, ensuring you have and ensure that you have the security you’ll need. Please visit our Storage Size Guide to see the unit sizes you can choose from.

Contact us today for additional information surrounding our security measures.

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