3 Reasons Why a Self-Storage Facility is the Perfect Gift-Hiding Spot

05 December 2019

The holidays are approaching quickly, which means there will be plenty of covert snoopers hunting around the house, trying to get a sneak peek at gifts. Even if the recipient isn’t actively looking, hiding a big present in a small, shared space can be challenging. You don’t want to run the risk of early discovery and a ruined surprise, so where can you stash them? The answer might just be a short drive away, at your local self-storage facility.

1.      No One Else Will Know About the Hiding Place

Kids (and nosy relatives) likely know all the best hiding spots in your apartment or house – so why not hide your gifts somewhere else entirely? When you rent a space from a self-storage facility, you’ll be the only person who knows where it is, no matter how thoroughly they investigate. Locks are customer-owned, so you’ll also be the only one with the key or combination to your unit.

To keep the final reveal a complete surprise, you can rent a larger space to transform into a small gift-wrapping workshop. All you need is a small table (ironing boards work well if your items aren’t particularly large), gift wrapping paper, scissors, and tape. If you have friends who are also looking to hide their gifts, you can band together, share the unit, and maybe organize a gift-wrapping party.

2.      It’s Perfect for Gifts of All Shapes and Sizes

Finding a covert place to hide a big-screen TV is hard enough, but what if you want to surprise someone with a recliner, a racing bike, or even a boat? Sure, you could park it on the driveway and throw a tarp over the top, but it does remove some of the mystery.

There’s also a better option: a self-storage facility offers spaces in many different sizes, so you can choose a unit that’s exactly what you need. At All-Stor, we have over 1,000 storage spaces, all of which can be accessed from the ground level for easy unloading. No fighting with forklifts, and no maneuvering around tight corners.

If you don’t need that much space – just an extra closet’s worth or so – then small storage lockers are the perfect solution. Ranging from 5’x5’ to 3’x4’x4’, they can be whatever size required to keep your gifts safe and secure until the big day.

3.      It’s Safe, Climate-Controlled, and Convenient

No matter whether it’s a brand-new game console or a lovingly repaired childhood sweater, the gifts we find for our loved ones are valuable. One of the main reasons that gifts are hidden away at home is concern over their security. Your storage locker or unit will be monitored by 24/7 video surveillance, locked within a secure, gated facility, and protected by a state-of-the-art electronic security system. You’ll always know exactly where the items are, and you can relax knowing they’ll be perfectly safe until you come collect them.

Plus, for items that need to be protected from winter temperatures and humidity, climate-controlled storage spaces help make sure that your gifts remain fresh and undamaged while they’re hidden away.

All-Stor Self Storage Facility: Your New Holiday Helper

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to holiday planning, and at All-Stor, our self-storage facility is offered specifically to make your life easier. From 14 loading bays for no-wait offloading to free-to-use hand carts, hiding gifts will be quick, simple, and effective. If you’re not sure what size locker you need, just ask – our staff are experts at recommending the best unit size for your items.

For more information on our climate-controlled storage units and lockers, send us an online message or give our office a call at (973) 345-0080. We’re standing by to help you have the happiest holiday yet!

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