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At All-Stor Self Storage, we provide industry leading solutions to residents and businesses who are seeking affordable and professional storage

Our storage spaces are unique to many storage providers as ours are conveniently located at ground level, ensuring all moving procedures are done quickly and efficiently. Should you require short-term or long-term storage, our team has the necessary tools and resources to making loading up your storage space extremely easy.

Our customers can load up on one of our many carts or hand trucks and wheel their belongings right into their protected, storage space. Furthermore, at All-Stor Self Storage, forklift service is available and we have dock height access for those circumstances where you might have several items to move.

Custom Self Storage Spaces

Our storage complex is exceptionally large, and, therefore, we have the advantage of offering our clients flexibility when it comes to their storage requirements. If our standard storage spaces do not provide adequate satisfaction, we are happy to provide you with alternative storage options that can be tailored accordingly. Simply contact us to arrange storage that is beyond our standard, dimension storage cubicles.

Packing Solutions

Moving can be a stressful procedure as it is; let alone having to worry about the packing process on top of it all!  At All-Stor Self Storage, we want to save you the money, time, and hassle that’s associated with moving preparation; our team has all the packing supplies you might need, like quality, sturdy boxes, tape, rope, dust covers, and locks. Each of these supplies is available on-site at our complex.

Storage Complex

Our storage complex offers 1000 self storage spaces, including over 100 different sizes, to better suit our customers.

If you’re near the Paterson area and are interested in storage and moving supplies, come see our professionals at All-Stor Self Storage. We are happy to assist you with your self storage and moving needs; take advantage of our limited offers and reasonable pricing today! Contact us at 973-345-0080

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