Are You Heading to College This Year? Make the Move Less of An Ordeal

05 August 2019

In 2018 it was projected that 19.9 million Americans would be entering university or college. While many students are fortunate enough to live at home during their studies, many others will be embarking on a move into a campus dorm, house or apartment. If you’re a student heading to college soon, or a parent helping your kid(s), we have some tips that can help make your move a little bit easier for you.

Start by Downsizing Wherever Possible

Naturally, moving becomes less of an event when you have fewer and smaller things to move! Go through your belongings and see if there is anything you can leave at home while in school. This not only makes moving easier, but also puts them at a lower risk of being stolen or damaged.

 Find Out What You Need and What You Don’t

After looking for places to downsize and streamline, look at what your new living space includes, and what you need. If you’re moving into a fully furnished space, then that can significantly decrease the number of items to bring with you. That said, many apartments aren’t and will require at least some amount of furniture for comfortable living.

If You Need Furniture, Consider Scheduling Purchases for Delivery

If your dorm or apartment is unfurnished and requires you to buy furnishings, consider scheduling your purchases so that they can be delivered to your apartment on or after your moving date. This can hugely reduce the amount of heavy lifting and moving that you will have to do and can make the entire process much more streamlined!

Be Thorough with Your Wrapping

It’s always important to wrap delicate items before moving them. Be sure to be extra thorough and cautious when wrapping fragile items such as electronics, framed pictures, glass pieces and kitchenware.

Pack an Easily Accessible Bag for the First Couple Nights 

Don’t stress yourself out with a tight time-frame to unpack. Having a quick bag packed for the first one or two nights will make it easier to get through your belongings without having to stress about finding where everything is on the first day. Give yourself some time to settle in and avoid having to scavenge all your items to find things to get you through the first day or two.

Take Advantage of Self-Storage Services

Often it can be difficult to know what to do with items that don’t need to go to school with you; especially if you aren’t willing to give away or sell certain items. Self-storage can be an excellent and affordable solution to this problem.

All-Stor’s secure storage facility provides affordable and flexible self-storage services in Paterson, NJ. We have a vast array of differently-sized units to meet all needs and budgets, and ensure that our facility is always secured through the use of CCTV and advanced alarm systems. All our units are indoor, at the ground level and are climate controlled.

No matter whether you are looking for storage for a few months or a few years, we can help. Talk to us today to find out more about pricing, availability and other services to help make your move smooth!


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