Ask These 4 Questions When Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

21 May 2020

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When you’re ready to choose a self-storage facility, you want to be sure you go with the best choice. After all, you want to make sure that your belongings are safe, that you can reach them when you need to, and that you’ll be able to load and unload from your unit easily. As you’re doing your research, be sure to ask these four questions in order to determine the right choice for your storage space.

“What does security at your self-storage facility look like?”

You want to make sure that your belongings will be safe and secure while they’re in storage, so make sure you find out what the self-storage facility is doing to protect them. 24/7 security should be a minimum guideline to follow, and make sure you understand exactly what that entails. Is there always a staff member on duty? Do the doors or gates require a code to open? Is there camera surveillance in the event of a break-in?

“Who has access to the self-storage units?”

Most self-storage facilities are protected by some kind of restricted entry measure, whether that’s an electronic code for the outer gate or a personalized entry card for unit renters. As a general rule, the public should not be able to gain access to your unit. Only verified customers of the rental facility should be able to enter. You should also check how your unit will be secured. Will you receive a PIN code to enter, or do you need to bring your own lock? This is important to determine early, especially if you plan on having several people accessing the unit (or, conversely, if you want to be sure that only you will be able to open it).

“How accessible are the units?”

The importance of accessibility can’t be understated, especially if you’re going to be moving a lot into your self-storage unit. Accessibility refers to everything from the width of the unit door to the lighting inside. Knowing the width of the door will make it easier to plan your move-in. If you anticipate visiting your unit in the early morning or late evening, will there be internal lighting to see by? Can you open the unit by yourself, or will you need the assistance of a staff member?

You should also clarify whether the self-storage units are accessible by car or not. Drive-up units make unloading vastly easier, and typically reduce the amount of time you’ll spend for an average visit. If you’re planning on storing a car, boat, or another large item, you may require drive-up access in order to deposit said item.

If you have physical considerations to take into account, such as an injured back, inquire about moving assistance. Are there moving carts you can use for the transfer of your belongings? Will there be a staff member around in case of an emergency?

“What sizes of self-storage units do you provide?”

You want to make sure that your unit is big enough to hold everything you need it to, yet not so big that you’re paying for space that you’re not using. Be clear about what you intend to store, and find out the sizes of self-storage units that the facility in question supplies. If you’re storing items of unusual size, or if you anticipate your storage needs changing as time goes on, find out if the facility offers customizable storage units, or if you’ll be able to rent additional units as needed.

With the right amount of preemptive investigation, you can take confidence in your choice of a self-storage facility. From there, all you need to focus on is getting your belongings together and getting ready for move-in day.

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