Be a Master at Hiding Presents This Holiday Season

28 November 2018

The holidays are among us! For many parents and families in New Jersey and the Paterson area, that means shopping for, wrapping and hiding presents! Young ones are always keen to receive presents, and to many parents, it’s no surprise to discover them looking high and low throughout the house for a present or two. Mastering the art of gift-hiding is a sure-fire way to make sure that Christmas morning is full of memorable moments and surprises!

We’ve put together a little list of tips and places that could serve as effective hiding spots for hiding gifts away. For gift receivers young and old, we’re confident that there is a secret spot in your home that will eclipse even the most determined gift hunter.

Use Camouflage

There are many ways to camouflage gifts; in fact some methods can work well enough to let you hide gifts in plain sight! Luggage is an excellent place to hide gifts, as many children lack the interest in something as mundane as a piece of luggage. Using common boxes to contain gifts, such as a box for an appliance or standard home good that is not particularly interesting, is a clever way to hide gifts in places where many kids wouldn’t think to look. If nothing else, try to wrap them as quickly as possible so that even if your presents are discovered, they would have to be unwrapped to be identified!

Take Advantage of Your Scary Attic or Basement

Does your home have a difficult-to-access attic or basement? For bonus points, is your child / children intimidated by it? If so, this provides a key advantage. Having a difficult-to-access attic is a nearly guaranteed location for hiding gifts. Even still, it is recommended to use some degree of camouflage on your presents!

Your Car Can Act as a Hiding Place

Using the trunk of your car can be beneficial, as many kids often don’t think to look in the trunk (if they are even able to access it). The benefits of having your gifts stored in the trunk include the ability to lock access, and not having to worry about them being found when you are away from home!

Storage Units; The Ultimate Present Hiding Spot

What better of a place to hide presents than somewhere away from home, monitored 24/7, and locked away at your discretion? Storage units can be the ultimate hiding place for Christmas presents if your kids are unable to easily access your storage unit.

If you’ve been thinking about looking for a storage unit, but aren’t sure what size you need, don’t hesitate to visit our website and view our storage calculator, or contact us directly! We have various different unit sizes, and can fulfill your storage needs, whatever they may be!

From all of us at All-Stor, have a safe and very Happy Holiday!



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