Be Sure Your Storage Unit is Safe and Secure

31 August 2017

When you choose to use off-site self-storage, one of the biggest advantages is that your items are essentially “out of side, out of mind”. With that said, this benefit could also be a downfall if you haven’t prepared your storage unit properly. To ease your mind and ensure your belongings are protected in storage, it’s important that you store belongings in a safe manner that guarantees optimal security. So how do you go about getting the most out of your self-storage experience anyways?

All-Stor Self-Storage has some valuable recommendations on how to decide what facility is reliable and professional, as well as how to properly protect the contents of your storage unit.

First and Foremost… Partner with a Reputable and Secure Self-Storage Facility

Do your research and select a reputable and experienced storage provider, prior to making any agreements with them. Visit their website, request information regarding their security measures (if it’s not mentioned on the website) and feel free to request a tour of the facility for your own peace of mind. Here are a few aspects to consider and look for:

  • A clean, organized and well-maintained facility
  • Gated and security code access to facility
  • 24-hour security and management
  • Entire property is well-lit
  • Video surveillance is present on the property
  • Individual storage units have their own alarm system

Secondly…  Take Precautions While Organizing Your Unit to Reduce Damage

  • It’s best to place a skid or pallet on the ground of your unit so items aren’t resting directly on the floor
  • Protect your belongings with cloth covers or wrap them in quality plastic to keep them safe from dust and bugs
  • Valuable items should be placed at the back of your unit so they aren’t visible to would-be thieves.
  • Choose boxes that can be stacked easily and are relatively the same size
  • Refrain from leaving too much space in your boxes – pack them until they’re entirely full and won’t cave in when stacked.
  • Never stack boxes too high – if they reach the ceiling they will be difficult to access and more likely to fall, leaving your belongings damaged.
  • Place shelving units in your storage so you can quickly and easily organize all
  • Stay away from loading too many boxes on top of furniture.
  • Visit your unit on a regular basis to check that your items are still in good shape.

Last but not Least… Purchase a Quality Lock for Your Storage Unit

For the greatest level of security, it’s highly encouraged that customers purchase a quality lock that maintains security and peace of mind. Consider purchasing a disc-lock for your storage unit because they cannot be cut off and therefore provide better security than other locks.

All-Stor Self-Storage will help you choose the best storage unit for your needs, ensuring you have and ensure that you have the security you’ll need. Please visit our Storage Size Guide to see the unit sizes you can choose from.

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