Full Storage Unit? Time for a Garage Sale!

20 March 2020

As winter begins to wind down and the weather steadily gets warmer and sunnier, many people feel the urge to go through and clean out all the items they’ve kept in their storage unit over the colder months. It’s usually during this initial review that they’re hit with the realization of just how much stuff […]


Driving A Moving Truck: 5 Tips For Success

25 February 2020

With a loaded truck and a tremble of excitement you set out across the land to your destination. You’re moving to a new house and all your worldly possessions are loaded into the moving truck, waiting for their new place. As you drive, perhaps you realize that in your excitement you forgot something: you’ve never […]


Deciding When To Keep Or Chuck Old Items

29 January 2020

There are those of us out there that have a little problem: hoarding. Sometimes we find ourselves holding onto every item we pick up. Occasionally, it’s specific items that we like to collect. Perhaps you have an old shoe collection with mint condition laces. Over in a corner might be your vintage belt buckles. Other […]


3 Reasons Why a Self-Storage Facility is the Perfect Gift-Hiding Spot

05 December 2019

The holidays are approaching quickly, which means there will be plenty of covert snoopers hunting around the house, trying to get a sneak peek at gifts. Even if the recipient isn’t actively looking, hiding a big present in a small, shared space can be challenging. You don’t want to run the risk of early discovery […]


5 Clever Ways to Use Every Inch of Your Self-Storage Unit

07 November 2019

When you rent a self-storage unit, you want to make sure you’re using it as effectively as you can be. This can be tricky for first-time renters; after all, how do you know which mistakes to avoid if you’ve never made them before? We’ve put together our top five hacks for using every possible square […]