De-Cluttering Your Home Can Improve Your Health: Here`s How

18 September 2019

Nobody likes clutter, but occasionally our homes get out of order and we begin storing belongings and useless items away. We either can’t be bothered to clean out the old, or we literally don’t know where to begin due to feeling overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” occupying our space. The truth, however, is that clutter can be more than just visibly unattractive and frustrating to deal with. It can also wreak havoc on our mental and emotional state if we aren’t careful. You may be wondering how it’s possible for a messy desk or bedroom to poorly affect the way you’re feeling, but it can absolutely bring with it negative consequences which we are going to dive into below.

The idea of decluttering is nothing new, but its health benefits have become increasingly known across the globe. In fact, having a clean, organized home can be a critical component for improving your overall health and wellness. Here are some great arguments as to why decluttering is good for your health (and why you should begin this process immediately if you are hemming and hawing).  

  • Provides Higher Sense of Well-Being– Generally speaking, your home should be your safe place and your favorite spot to escape the outside world, relaxing in the comfort of familiarity. When it starts to fill up with unnecessary clutter, it can alter the perception of your subjective well-being (how you view the quality of your life through emotional responses and cognitive assessments) and cause it to drop at a rapid pace.


  • Maintains Healthy Eating Habits– Chaotic rooms such as a messy and unorganized kitchen can contribute to unhealthy eating habits sometimes. Why? If your home is out of sorts, as a homeowner you may feel a loss of control, making you more vulnerable to poor diet choices you wouldn’t otherwise make.


  • Improves Mental Health– Clutter in the home creates an immense amount of stress and psychological pressure, causing spikes in cortisol levels. If clutter becomes a mainstay, heightened cortisol levels can slowly change the structure of the brain – which can cause acute sensitivity to stress on a regular basis.


  • Contributes to Quality Sleep – Yes, believe it or not the quality of ZZZ’s you’re getting can be directly influenced by external stimuli like clutter. As stated by the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, while mental activity decreases during sleep, there are still parts of the brain that continue to analyze external stimuli. It’s always a good idea to go to bed with a clear space. Store any projects, laundry, assignments and books away whether they are placed in a bedside table, dresser or desk. Taking the step to organize your room will in turn trick your brain into thinking that it’s time for rest, sending you into a deep (and hopefully uninterrupted) sleep. If you’re feeling stressed before you hit the pillow, it can be hard to allow yourself to wind down and get the restful sleep your mind and body need.


  • It Facilitates Productivity – Having a cluttered home can make focusing on one task at a time seem next to impossible, because processing information will be that much harder due to the distractions. You can successfully combat this problem by taking a few minutes in the morning or at the end of the day to clear away scattered items in your home. Does your home office look like a bomb went off? Be sure to clear your computer desk, store papers away, and take some time to tidy up the space around your desk. You will be glad you did! Remember, clutter can literally take over your mind’s visual system, distracting your thoughts and limiting your levels of productivity.


  • Relieves Financial Pressure – This might sound like a funny one but decluttering is often associated with more than just organizing your current possessions. Once you’ve removed those unnecessary items from your home, consider what you regularly bring into your home. Are you an impulse shopper? This is the perfect opportunity to take control of your spending habits so that the dreaded clutter cycle doesn’t make its way back into your home. Make a list of items you purchase in a week or month and organize a budget so you can decipher necessities from non-necessities. When you’re able to get clear on this matter, you’ll become more focused on where your finances are going, reducing overall financial stress relating to your purchases.


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