Don’t Let Packing Deter You from Moving: Try These Tips to Make Your Move Easier

08 June 2019

One of the most daunting parts of any move is the prospect of packing up everything in your home and transporting it in a safe and organized manner. Things such as heavy furniture, appliances and electronics can prove challenging to move carefully, and smaller things such as kitchenware, books and other nick-nacks can be hard to keep track of.

We’ve learned a thing or two about packing and moving during our years of helping people store their belongings securely. Here are some tips we’d like to pass along to hopefully help make your move a little less daunting, and a little more enjoyable:

Be Mindful of Box Sizes

Trying to move a large box of heavy items can be a nightmare. Consider using bigger boxes to pack things like linens and clothing, while leaving heavier items to smaller boxes when possible.

Use Original Boxes When it Makes Sense

If you’re moving something like a television or desktop computer, the original box is an excellent way to move it. These boxes usually include protecting materials like molded foam specifically made for that product. What’s more, the box clearly shows what is inside; making it easier to keep track of what is in the box.

Leave no Empty Spaces

Do you have any empty spaces in your box(es)? Fill them with linens or any other cloth you have to move! This provides protection for the items in your box, and also another place to put linens and cloth items during transportation.

Labels, Labels, Labels

For the boxes that don’t make it obvious as to what’s inside, use labels! This perhaps obvious tip is extremely helpful for keeping track of things. There are plenty of ways you can go about labeling your boxes; use whatever system you find the easiest and most effective.

Consider Whether There Are Items You Can Sell

Moving is a great time to really go through your belongings and assess which ones you need and which ones are no longer needed. It’s an opportunity both to make some money, and clear out some items from the moving boxes. Consider going through your items to assess if there are any you can part with!

Do Your Research to Find a Trustworthy Moving Partner

Sometimes, the help of a professional moving team is what can make a move feasible. While there are lots of moving companies out there, do some research and check reviews to look for moving companies that will help pack and transport your goods safely.

Take Advantage of Self-Storage

A self-storage unit can provide you with the space needed to store some items while in transit. If you’re planning to sell your home before moving into a new one, self-storage can provide a safe and reliable space to store your belongings.

All-Stor provides secure self-storage units for clients in and around the Paterson, NJ area. With a wide range of unit sizes, we’re sure to have a unit that will fulfill your storage needs; no matter whether you simply need a space for small items, or need to store a house-worth of furniture.

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