How to Keep Seasonal Decorations: Secure Storage Tips

08 October 2019

As the end of the year approaches, so does the number – and frequency – of fall and winter holidays. This time of year, many of us have cherished family traditions and decorations. Unfortunately, pulling an old decoration from the closet only to discover that it’s been damaged is a common occurrence.

This year, you can decorate for all your favorite holidays without worry, because we’re going to discuss some tips for how to keep your seasonal decorations safe all year.

Leaks, Tears, and Cracks, Oh My!

The first step of storing decorations is putting them away, but this is also where the most damage can occur if done incorrectly. If your decorations are made of thin plastic, porcelain, or another breakable material, your best bet is to pack them gently into sturdy bins. If you’ve got an inflatable decoration, resist the urge to push the air out manually, as this can cause rips and tears in the seams. Instead, allow it to deflate naturally. When it’s flat, you can neatly fold and pack it as usual.

Any Batteries? Yank Them Out!

Animatronic skeletons or inflatable snowmen are a quick and easy way to bring some festive cheer to your yard, but when the holiday’s over, don’t just stash them away in your closet or secure storage unit. If they run on batteries, you’ll want to remove those first. Batteries slowly discharge over time, no matter where they are, but when they’re left in a device, the process goes much more quickly. A perfectly fine battery box in October could be opened to white, fluffy crystals of potassium carbonate in December. To save yourself some cleaning time, simply remove the batteries and store them separately.

Heat, Cold, Damp – Not a Good Combo

Most modern lawn decorations are made of waterproof nylon, but they may also include electrical components, like a fan. If your decorations are vintage, such as out-of-print paper decorations, then storing them safely is an even bigger priority. Before you place any lawn decorations into a secure storage unit, be sure to thoroughly wipe them down with a paper towel or absorbent rag. You want to make certain that any residual water or dew is removed.

You’ll also want to make sure that wherever you’re storing your decorations won’t get too hot or too cold. Gel window clings can melt together when they become too hot, and electronic devices like light projectors can become damaged in extreme temperatures. Look for storage that has a controlled climate to avoid these damages.

You’ve Got More Space Than You Think You Do

So, there you are, staring at your storage space and wondering how in the world you’re going to fit all of your holiday decorations in one place. Tangled holiday lights will take up less space (and store more neatly) when they’re detangled and wrapped around a plastic reel or a piece of cardboard. If you’ve got a bulky, multi-piece decoration (looking at you, Christmas trees), disassemble it as much as you can and pack it neatly in an appropriately sized container or bag. Smaller pieces are easier to find room for, and you won’t lose the vertical space if the decoration is too delicate to be used as a base for stacking. If your decorations are of a decent size but are fairly lightweight, you might be able to store them on top of some of the heavier bins or boxes.

If It’s Broken, Let It Go

Plenty of families yank out lengths of holiday lights only to have to test out each strand to see which ones still work, and which ones are damaged beyond repair. When you’re putting your decorations away, go ahead and get rid of the things that are broken or that don’t work anymore. Keeping them unnecessarily will only eat up valuable space in your secure storage unit, and it’ll take time to sort through them next year. Similarly, the end of the season is a great time to go through your decorations and sell or donate anything that you don’t use or that you’d like to pass along.

You shouldn’t need too much space to store your holiday decorations, and at All-Stor Self Storage, we offer units in a variety of sizes to perfectly accommodate your storage needs. For more information, just give us a call at (973) 345-0080, or contact us online with any questions you may have.

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