How to Pack Your Moving Truck

13 May 2020

Moving seems like it should be a relatively straightforward process. Just load and go, right? However, if your belongings aren’t properly packed in your vehicle, they could shift during the journey, leaving you with the sad task of opening your moving van to determine the damage. The good news is that with a little forethought as to what you’ll load in and when, packing your moving truck safely and securely is an easily achievable goal.

The Basics of Packing

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that your truck is safe and ready for loading. This means giving it a good sweep, to clear it of any slippery dust or debris. You’ll also want to check and make sure there are no spills or slick spots where someone might trip or slip.

As you’re loading your truck, the goal is to keep weight evenly distributed throughout, with the heaviest items low to the ground and at the back of the truck bay, well away from the entry door. It’s all right to stack items, as long as you’ve taken measures to protect whatever it’s resting on and you’ve secured the upper layer of items to prevent shifting or falling in transit. Protect your furniture and other items with either plastic wrap or blanket pads.

Loading Your Moving Truck

The rule of thumb is to load the biggest and heaviest items first. This usually includes things like bed frames, refrigerators, washers, and couches. Make sure they are well-secured in place to prevent shifting. If you have items that usually sit horizontally, like a couch, stand them up on one end to take full advantage of the vertical space you have at your disposal. As always, wrap items carefully with a protective layer to prevent damage.

Make sure that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the truck, with no heavy items grouped together solely on one side. This is important as it makes sure that while you’re driving and you attempt a turn, your truck will remain balanced enough to prevent tipping or undue stress on one set of wheels.

Once the heavy stuff is on, you can begin to load smaller, lighter items. These can be placed on top of the heavy-item layer, as long as you make sure they won’t damage (or be damaged by) their surroundings. Be sure to protect delicate items, like picture frames and electronics with screens, before you load them in. The very last things that go into your truck should be the items you’ll need immediately upon arrival, such as overnight bags.

Getting Your Moving Truck

Knowing how to pack a moving truck isn’t much more than a fun party trick unless you have a truck to pack. If you still need to find a moving truck or van for your next move, give us a call. We supply delivery vans, movers, trailers, and auto transport dollies. Just let us know what you have to move, and we’ll help recommend the size that would be best suited to you.

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