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Planning To Move Or Store Some Electronics? Check These Tips First!

Technology allows us to do so many things that just decades ago were incomprehensible. To be able to have access to information instantly anywhere we are, and to be able to communicate with anyone anywhere is a byproduct of many popular modern electronic devices such as phones, computers and televisions.

Sadly for people that are planning to move, these marvelous devices can be very delicate and can cause a lot of stress for people who are relocating. Luckily there are some things you can do to try and keep your electronic devices safe during a move.

Save the Original Boxes

This one might be a lost cause for some at this point, but for those who have kept their boxes; you have an advantage! The packaging that most electronics come in is designed specifically to protect products during movement from their point of manufacturing. They also do a great job protecting your devices when moving from one place to another. Follow the instructions on the box if applicable for proper storage, and continue to be careful!

Grab Some Materials

If you threw out the packaging for your electronics, find some sturdy cardboard boxes or cartons, some newspaper, packing peanuts (these work great if you can find them) and tape. Moving pads can also help protect from accidents during moving.

Watch the Weather

If you’re planning to move on a day that is forecasting rain, consider rescheduling. This one might seem obvious, but electronics generally don’t like moisture whether they are powered on or not. If the weather looks bad, consider rescheduling just to be safe.

Pay Attention to Your Packing

Read the manuals of your devices and electronics to see if there are specific recommendations for how to pack or move your devices. Generally speaking, avoid placing devices with screens in such a way that weight is applied to the surface of the screen.

Moving electronics can be stressful, especially if you have never done it before. But with a bit of care and common sense it can be done pain-free! If you are planning a move that involves electronics, or need to put some away in storage, All-Stor’s climate controlled storage units will help keep your devices safe and in the same condition you left them in. Contact us to find out more about our storage units and services.

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