Haledon, New Jersey Self-Storage & Moving Services


At All-Stor Self Storage, our team will securely store all of your important assets! Unlike a large number of storage providers, our storage units are located indoors at ground level, and are designed with climate control abilities, and alarm systems for the greatest level of security. Why are these features beneficial to our clients? Aside from our advanced security system and unique processes, customers can have peace of mind in knowing that their move will be easy and stress-free. Our facility’s structure allows for total convenience; quick and easy maneuvering of your personal belongings. Whether you’re in need of short-term or long-term storage services, our storage specialists have the skill and knowledge to ensure filling up your storage unit goes as smoothly and easily as possible.

Our customers have the option to select from a variety of carts and hand trucks, so moving belongings into your specific storage space can be done so conveniently. At All-Stor Self Storage, customers can enjoy the added benefit of our forklift service and dock height access; for those awkwardly large, heavy, or bulky items that require additional support.

Why Parnter with All-Stor Self Storage?

Large Selection of Self Storage Units

Our storage facility is the only one in the world that features more than 120 different sized storage units! This gives us the ability to offer our clients a level of flexibility that is hard to match elsewhere among the industry. Reach out to our professionals to find the best solution for your specific storage needs.

Quality and Effective Packing Supplies

Relocating can be a stressful and tiring process; with the added stress of packing among everything else only contributes to the busyness. At All-Stor Self Storage, our goal is to do everything necessary to assist our Haledon customers in saving the time and money that’s associated with the moving and storing process. We are pleased to provide our clients with all of the packing supplies you might need; sturdy boxes of all sizes, tape, rope, dust covers and locks. The supplies for a smooth transition are available right at your fingertips!

Flexible Moving Solutions in Haledon

Are you doing a nearby move or maybe you are moving out of the general area all together? In either case, our professionals will successfully handle any and all moves; our company has a fleet of U-Haul® Trucks that can be used for local or one-way moves.

Secure, Fully Equipped Facility

Our storage facility has everything you need! The Our building is equipped with more than 1000 self-storage units, including more than 120 different sizes, which means the options are endless in regards to what can be stored and what you are comfortable paying for.

• Storage spaces range from 12 sq. ft. to 770 sq. ft in size
• All storage units are situated at ground level and are climate controlled
• Storage units are designed with individual alarm systems
• Closed-circuit TV surveillance-monitored and recorded
• Customer-owned locks mean that only you solely, have access to the unit
• Moving carts are available at no extra cost
• Load or unload your car, van, or truck at one of our 14 loading bays – never experience a wait!
• Forklift service and dock-height access are supplied for added convenience
• We will fit the space to your specific needs; not the other way around

If you reside in the Haledon area or work in the region, or reliable services offer all of the storage you necessities you require. We assure that our clients will be more than happy with the punctual and attentive service provided at All-Stor Self Storage. We are happily willing to help you with your self-storage requirements, should you need some recommendations when it comes to unit size; check out our limited offers and great pricing today!
Get in touch with our professionals at 973-345-0080.