Passaic, New Jersey Self-Storage & Moving Services

At All-Stor Self-Storage, we offer industry leading services to residents and companies throughout Passaic who are seeking professional and cost-effective self-storage. Our storage units differ from most storage companies, due to the fact that all storage spaces can be found and accessed at ground level. What does this mean for our customers? Take advantage of the ability to move your belongings quickly and easily, without the hassle of moving to a different floor all together. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage, our team has the experience and quality storage lockers to make loading up your storage unit an easy and secure experience.

Our Passaic clients can load up all items on one of our various carts or hand trucks, and transport their belongings right into their secure, storage unit. In addition, at All-Stor Self-Storage, we supply forklifts and dock height access to those that require extra support for large, bulky belongings.

Why All-Stor Self-Storage?

Custom Self-Storage Units

Our storage facility is fairly big in size which allows us the flexibility to give our clients options for storage. Should our standard storage units lack something you require, we are happy to provide you with alternative storage solutions that can be tailored specifically to you. Simply contact us in Passaic to discuss with us our storage options that go beyond the standard, dimension storage cubicles.

Packing Solutions

Moving can be a hectic process that brings a lot of stress; let alone having to think about the packing on top of it all!  At All-Stor Self-Storage, our goal is to help save you the money, time, and hassle that comes with moving preparation; our professionals have all the packing supplies you might need, like quality, sturdy boxes, tape, rope, dust covers, and locks. Each of these is available on-site at our facility.

Moving Services in Passaic

Moving to a new location in Passaic, or perhaps outside of the region? We are fully equipped with a fleet of U-Haul® Trucks, and professional movers are available to help at any time for local or one-way moves.

Storage Facility and Storage Lockers

Our storage facility is made up of 1000 self-storage spaces, including more than 120 different sizes, to better suit our clients.

  • Storage spaces range from 12 sq. ft. to 770 sq. ft
  • Storage units are all at ground level and temperature controlled
  • Storage that is protected with state of the art security solutions
  • Closed-circuit surveillance for additional safety
  • Customer-owned locks for secure access
  • Free use of moving carts
  • Load or unload your car, van, or truck without any wait at one of our 14 loading bays
  • Forklift service and dock-height access available
  • We can fit the space to your exact need; not the other way around

If you’re situated in the Passaic region and are looking for storage and moving services you can rely on, turn to the specialists at All-Stor Self-Storage. We are more than happy to help you with your self-storage and moving needs; take advantage of our limited offers and excellent pricing today!

Contact us at 973-345-0080.