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Store Your Clothes Safely with These Tips

Self-storage units are a great way to store (almost) anything without occupying valuable space at your home or workplace. For some people, a storage unit may act as a place to store clothes; whether seasonal or long term. All-Stor’s secure temperature-controlled storage facility provides an excellent environment for the safe storage of clothing, but there are some things that you can do to make certain that your clothes look as good coming out of storage as they do going in.

Start by Making Sure Your Clothes Are Thoroughly Washed

No one wants to pull out smelly and dirty clothing from storage! Be sure your clothes are washed before putting them into your storage unit. Also be sure that they are completely dried; even a tiny amount of moisture can wreak havoc on your clothes.

If you are planning to store any accessories made with leather, consider cleaning and conditioning the leather to ensure that it can maintain its condition while in storage.

Don’t Forget Your Footwear!

Storage units are an excellent place to store footwear as well. As with clothing, make sure footwear is thoroughly cleaned before going in. Another thing that may be worth doing is spraying your footwear down with a footwear protectant spray. If your shoes or boots are made of leather, treating them with leather cleaner and conditioner can help them maintain their condition.

Skip Vacuum Sealing & Use Plastic Containers to Store Clothing

Vacuum sealing may seem like a great idea at first, but over the long-term vacuum sealing can put your clothing at risk of being damaged. Most natural clothing fibers need air to maintain their strength and integrity. The issue is that when clothes are removed from vacuum sealing bags, the fibers can take an extraordinarily long time to decompress; some have even speculated that the amount of time can be equal to the amount of time they were vacuum sealed!

Instead, opt for air-tight plastic containers. These containers won’t remove air from the container and compress the clothing fibres, but they will keep out any sort of dust or external debris from getting to your clothes. These bins are also reusable; making them better for the environment.

Skip Mothballs in Favor of Natural Alternatives

Although mothballs do work well for their intended function of keeping insects and other pests away, the dangerous chemicals they contain can permanently damage clothing, and are toxic to pets and children. Opt for natural alternatives such as cedar chips or lavender instead!

All-Stor Secure Self Storage

If you’re looking for a self-storage facility that maintains temperature-controlled storage, is highly secured and easily accessible, we can help! Our facility is comprised of over 1000 units with over 120 different sizes! Our entire facility is monitored by CCTV and customer-owned locks, so that only you have access to your items.

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