Garfield, New Jersey Self-Storage & Moving Services

At All-Stor Self Storage, we successfully store all of your necessities! Contrary to the majority of other storage providers, our storage units are situated indoors and are equipped with climate control features, alarm systems, and are located at ground level. Why is this great news for our customers? Other than our highly secure facility and processes, clients can enjoy a stress-free and easy move. All personal belongings can be maneuvered in an efficient and easy manner. Should you need short-term or long-term storage solutions, our team has the expertise and available resources, to ensure filling up your storage unit is as simple and safe as possible.

Customers can choose from a selection of different carts and hand trucks, so moving belongings into your specific storage space can be done so conveniently. At All-Stor Self Storage, customers can take advantage of our forklift service and dock height access as well, for those large, heavy, or bulky belongings that need extra support.

Why All-Stor Self Storage?

Wide Selection of Self Storage Units

Our storage facility is the only one in the world that is built with over 120 different sized storage units! This gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with endless flexibility that is hard to find elsewhere in the industry. Get in touch with our team to find the perfect solution for you unique storage needs.

Durable and Effective Packing Supplies

Moving can be a hectic and exhausting time. Having the added stress of packing among everything else only adds to the craziness. At All-Stor Self Storage, we want to do everything possible to help our Garfield customers save on the costs and effort involved in the moving and storing process. Our team has all of the packing supplies you might need; sturdy boxes of all sizes, tape, rope, dust covers and locks. The necessities to make for a simple transition are all available at your fingertips!

Moving Options in Garfield

Are you moving to a nearby location, or maybe you are moving outside of the region all together? Our professionals will successfully handle any type of move; our company has a fleet of U-Haul® Trucks that can be used for local or one-way moves.

Storage Facility Features

Our storage facility offers everything you need! The building itself is equipped with over 1000 self-storage units, including over 120 sizes, giving you endless flexibility in terms of what you’re storing and what you are comfortable paying for.

• Storage spaces are anywhere from 12 sq. ft. to 770 sq. ft in size
• All units are all at ground level and climate controlled
• Storage units are equipped with individual alarm systems
• Closed-circuit TV surveillance-monitored and recorded
• Customer-owned locks ensure you’re the only individual with access
• Moving carts can be used at no charge
• Load or unload your car, van, or truck at one of our 14 loading bays – no wait!
• Forklift service and dock-height access are provided
• We will fit the space to your requirements; not the other way around

If you live in Garfield or work in the local region, our professional services provide the self-storage you can depend on. We guarantee you will be pleased with the punctual and friendly service offered at All-Stor Self Storage. We are happily willing to help you with your self-storage requirements, should you need some recommendations when it comes to unit size; check out our limited offers and great pricing today!
Get in touch with our professionals at 973-345-0080.